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• Connecticut Home Improvement License

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  • Install Floors, Unfinished and Pre-Finished Floors
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  • Stain Floors

The Right New Haven Flooring Company for You

Do your floors look old and worn? It’s time to call on a New Haven flooring company. When designing or remodeling our homes the flooring is always a main consideration. Our floors should look as attractive as the rest of the house. What do you do with a floor that’s worn and shabby? A lot of people don’t believe they have to bother hiring a New Haven flooring company.

Home improvement centers show off a number of different flooring types such as carpeting, varieties of vinyl, ceramic and marble tiles as well as hardwood or “hardwood look” flooring. You will also find all the tools you might need to install a new floor of any of these materials. Installation of flooring must be a pretty easy job… or so one might think. Even having the right tools for the job, doesn’t guarantee that floor will be done well or even correctly. All those great supplies and tools are there for you to purchase and there’s nothing like saying, “I did it myself,” unless you wind up with a mess. A New Haven flooring company can provide you with a lovely floor minus the aggravation!

A well trained team of installers who are knowledgeable about their company’s product will be found at a flooring company. Specialty flooring material may be found at some flooring companies. Hardwood and carpeting are two materials most often specialized in since they are the most popular floor coverings. If the floor you need to replace has odd cuts or is uneven, or if the material you would like put in requires a special base or adhesive, you can trust that the New Haven flooring company will be aware of this and have those products available.
Asking family and friends for a referral or checking out the yellow pages of your phone directory were the few ways of finding a New Haven flooring company. There are several other options to finding a flooring company today, though those old stand-bys still certainly have their place.

A local New Haven flooring company can easily be found on the web and a lot of people choose this method. Flooring companies can be found among several directories that maintain a database of them. Some companies with their own web sites have great before and after pictures as well as good shots of their products. The web site is a big help as you get to really see a company’s workmanship and the materials they use.
Don’t feel any obligation if you feel unsure about a flooring company.

After seeing the site and taking measurements the New Haven flooring company can then present you with a bid. This will include the price of flooring as measured by the foot or square yard, all other materials and the cost of labor. An estimated time frame for completion of the job and payment terms should be included in the quote. Some companies require payment in full as soon as the job is complete while some others offer a variety of payment options.

Do a background check on any New Haven flooring company before you make your final decision. The Better Business Bureau can be contacted to determine if there are any serious unresolved complaints. Discovering a questionable work history with unhappy customers in their past is reason enough to forget contacting them.

Choosing Your New Haven Flooring Company

Your budget is always a concern, especially in today’s economy but cheap is not always a good thing in flooring. You may get an offer of great savings and a low bid, but quality, durability and correct installation are what’s needed from your New Haven flooring company since no doubt it will get plenty of use over the years. All of these factors must be offered in your bid.

Once you’ve reviewed the bids and have selected the New Haven flooring company you want for your project, you must request a contract. A verbal agreement alone is never adequate and the bid is not a contract. If the job is not done well and you have nothing in writing you will simply be stuck with it. Your flooring company contract must clearly define everything that was in the bid and this will include underlayment or padding, the type of flooring to be laid and of course the cost of the total job.

Your New Haven flooring company must include in the contract any guarantees or warranties on installation, materials and labor along with the payment arrangements you have already agreed on. Don’t get over anxious to sign and get the job going. Remember the floor of your home takes a lot of hard abuse every day. Make a wise choice when you select a New Haven flooring company as you certainly want the best and most lasting job done.

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